About Us


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Mission Statement

The mission of The West Augustine News Connection is to provide a link between the residents of West Augustine, Florida, local community organizations and local business owners. The goal is to shine a light on news, projects, events, activities as well as networking and volunteer opportunities in the area, and to highlight the amazing work being done by our community heroes. 

We also focus on advocacy in addition to helping families and students become knowledgeable of resources that will help steer them toward a debt-free college education and career. 

Focus of the West Augustine News Connection:

  • Share West Augustine news with local residents
  • Keep the community up to date on the latest events in our area
  • Highlight local community leaders and organizations
  • Bring attention to special community projects
  • Provide easy access to local health care resources
  • Help students and families get the help they need to go to college without going into debt
  • Assist parents with finding low-cost and free educational resources available in our community
  • Feature family-friendly events in our area
  • Be an outlet for local community organizations to connect with residents in West Augustine
  • Feature local businesses
  • Bring attention to job and volunteer opportunities in our community and surrounding area
  • Shed light on West Augustine's history - good and bad
  • Highlight the accomplishments of our students and residents

We want to shine a light on the West Augustine community, because we are more than just the negative news stories that the mainstream media likes to write about.