tag! Children’s Museum Coming Soon to St. Augustine - Kaneika Nimmons on the Board of Directors

TAG Children's Museum Groundbreaking St. Augustine, Florida

When strong women come together, great things can happen. That's how the idea of the tag! Children's Museum came about, that's how plans turned into action, and today was groundbreaking at an amazing location next to the St. Augustine Shipyard.

If you have yet to hear about the tag! Children's Museum, check out their website to see the amazing things that are planned for the children in St. Augustine and all of those coming to visit. 

"The Mission of tag! is to inspire play, discovery, exploration and innovation through science and creativity," said Janice Dusseau Jones, President of the tag! Board of Directors.

Susan Connor, Jennifer Jackson, Jennifer Koppman, Kathy Marquis, Wendy White Kniffen and Kathy Weed are the founding board members, strong women who have a hand in so much good in St. Augustine, good that has also spread to West Augustine. 

You'll find these women at our school PTOs, in SAC meetings, in our sport team's booster clubs, volunteering at swim meets and in the community, they are local business leaders and mothers, and still they find time to think up a children's Museum for St. Augustine.

They have pulled together their resources, found sponsors and raised millions of dollars in addition to finding this amazing location, hidden away behind Target, under beautiful oak trees next to the river.

Tag Children's Museum St. Augustine Arapaho

Today was about the children, the children who inspired the women, the children who have helped spread the word, and the children who helped with the groundbreaking today — the children who will benefit from this amazing educational and curiosity-inspired children's museum.

TAG Children’s Museum St. Augustine

Still at the ground breaking today, the women were working in front of the cameras and behind the scenes, and they put together a phenomenal event with many of the big donors and leaders present including our superintendent Tim Forson as well as school board member Patrick Canan and school board member Anthony Coleman for district 2, which includes The Webster School, Osceola Elementary School and Murray Middle School among others. 

St. Johns County School Board Anthony Coleman, Sr. with Greg White
St. Johns County School Board member Anthony Coleman, Sr. with West Augustine's Greg White

West Augustine was also well represented at the event with Kaneika Nimmons being on the Board of Directors of the tag! Children's Museum. Also out to support the tag! Children's Museum was Bridgette Greene as well as CRA Chairman Robert Nimmons and Greg White with the West Augustine CRA being a community partner of the tag! Children's Museum. 

The tag! Children’s Museum in St. Augustine is projected to open in the beginning of 2023. You can see the plans and learn about the people behind the project at the tag! Children's Museum website.