Kidnapped and Beaten by the KKK but Never Silenced - James Jackson a Living Legend in Our Midst

James Jackson civil rights activists silent march St. Augustine 2022

We have living legends in our midst. After years of searching the archives, reading the articles, watching the documentaries and asking around to find people, who could help give a better picture of what took place back in the early 1960s in St. Augustine, it turned out that all I needed to do was to go for a walk around West Augustine. 

On my way home from the Solomon Calhoun Center with my toddler in tow, I stopped to chat with some older gentlemen, who were fixing up a lawnmower, and I asked them if they fixed Briggs and Stratton engines. One of the older gentlemen came up to talk to me about fixing or replacing my old broken woodchipper engine. Little did I know that I was talking to a living legend. 

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