Top Ten Most Read Stories of 2021

West Augustine News Connection

2021 was a year of new beginnings, and when the West Augustine News Connection began in July there were a lot of unknowns. The vision was there, as you can see on the About the West Augustine News Connection page, but it is a vision that is constantly being fine tuned.

Thank you to everyone, who has read a story, follow on social media and to all of you are always supporting the mission of the West Augustine News Connection  without you the light on our community would not be as bright.

You can always find the most read stories in the sidebar, but here's the 2021 countdown. 

The 10 Most Read Stories in 2021:

#10 West Augustine Success: Carlos Hayward Williams "Just Be Great, Be Excellent

#9 The Webster School's Community Focus Shines Bright as Community Leaders and Families are Introduced to Webster WE CAN Nights

#8 Free Covid 19 Testing in St. Johns County at the Agricultural Center

#7 A Victory for the West Side at the Pinehurst & San Sebastian Cemeteries Restoration Day

#6 Saving Two of Florida's Oldest African American Cemeteries in West Augustine

#5 Basketball Star Player Jasmine Kearse Returns to West Augustine to Give Back to the Community

#4 The Corner Market in Lincolnville St. Augustine - One of the few Black-Owned Businesses Left - is Raising Money for Major Renovations

#3 The Last Graduating Classes Before Integration at Richard J. Murray High School Come Together to Remember

#2 West Augustine Housing Market Unaffordable for Locals

#1 Turning on the Lights on West King - the Forgotten Side of St. Augustine

While not counted in the most read story section, the Volunteer in West Augustine and Beyond page and the online West Augustine Community Bulletin Board have been very well visited.

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